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Hey, Guess what?


This livejournal is retired.

No more friends will be added, no more posts made.

I'm not deleting it for the sake of all the memories, but they're memories I'd rather keep to myself.

If you still want to get in touch with me or be friended on my new journal, head to gelifish. Comment and I'll add you immediately.

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Greed/Wanting More(maho_kiwi)


THIS is the last post in this journal.

I've friended almost all y'all to my other journal but I'm lazy and don't feel like checking to see who I've missed. If you want me to add you, go over to gelifish and comment.

Almost all the people that were friended before have been unfriended, and in a little while even those that are left are gonna be unfriended. This is gonna be my little archive; if you really really want to go back in for any bizarre reason, talk to me and maybe I'll add you again.

Hope to see y'all back at gelifish. ;D
Greed/Wanting More(maho_kiwi)


So, goin to PA today. Not that it'll be that much different in respects to most of you; I'll still be online a lot.

But I'll still miss everybuddy. >>;

*shrugs* I'll prolly be online later tonight. |D Yep.
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Done spammage for now. :D Noone's here, so I figure I might as well entertain myself somehow~

Oh, and I washed my car. I should be getting my liscence sometime in March. x3 Whee
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Greed/Wanting More(maho_kiwi)

*just realized I've never done this one*

post anything that you want, and post it anonymously. anything. a story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a dislike, a love, a hope - anything. be sure to post anonymously and honestly. post more than once, if you'd like. then, put this (this little game) in your livejournal to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your journal) have to say. interesting, hm?

...well?  tell me... intriguing things.  x3
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Greed/Wanting More(maho_kiwi)

Roleplay Goodness!

Alright! Our roleplay is woefully understaffed. >>; there are six players, and 20 effing characters. So please, Join the Fun~

Here is the community info.

For those too lazy or uncaring to click, I shall spam your friends page. Apologies to anyone that cares and does look at the roleplay info. XD;

fill this out if you'd like to join

Characters Journal(s):

+ New Members applying for a new character(s) should post a application and introduction in kh_ooc
+ You may assume you've been accepted unless told otherwise and be sure to add all current members to your character's friends list

Avaliable Characters
[1] Inactive Members [none right now]
[2] Unknowns [red, non-DD unknowns]
[3] KH FF Characters [Sephiroth, Cid, Wakka]
[4] Non KH FF Characters [Rinoa (wintane_isil), Lenne (summonerlenne), Shuin (force_rain), Vivi (black_mage), etc]
[5] Disney Characters

Roleplay is narrative 3rd person. Done in messageboard posts in comments to each post in kingdom_hearts. Your character also keeps a journal, which you write in (once per K_H entry at least) in the first person. There is also some first-person roleplay in comments to these entries.

Some things have changed since this post, but these are the guidlines if you want to be an unknown. Basically, it's an original character. There are a couple restrictions, but not many, really.

The unknowns are neither good nor evil. They strive for balance, and don't favor either darkness or light any more than the other. I really like being an unknown. ^^;

Taken Characters: Cloud, Glowing-Eye Unknown, Tidus, Leon, Yuffie, Paine, Sora, Auron, Vincent, Dagger/Garnet, Selphie, Duel-Wielding Unknown, Riku, Blindfold Unknown, Rikku, Donald and Goofy, Aerith, Sitting Unknown, Kairi, Lulu. Gippal and Irvine are also off-limits.

You needn't have a personal gj to roleplay, either. Just let them know what your lj is, and make note that it is, in fact, an lj account.

Check it out! It's fun! Much much fun. ^^ I'm in "Emperor's New Groove" right now, and Sora's group is in "A Bug's Life". They're changed into bugs! Tidus is a ladybug, and it's all good fun. ^^ Earlier Riku's group were dogs, and even earlier we were forest creatures! Riku turned into a skunk. XD

Join! It's fun! XD
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